Generally speaking, top color is heavy, bottom outfit color is shallow weak is undesirable, this can give a person the feeling of tiptoe light. If the top is plaid or striped, the skirt should be a single color, not one of the same kind. If the skirt is floral, go with a plain shirt. Colourful shirt is unfavorable cover in coat this is a kind of the easiest, most basic match color method. The same color is to point to a series of color phase is same or close, by lightness change and the color that produce different shade of shade. The same color collocation can obtain the effect of dignified, calm, sedate, apply to the mature female with elegant temperament. But one thing that many girls struggle with every morning and night is, what do you wear today? What will you wear tomorrow? How exactly do women's clothes go together? Today we're going to study women's clothing matching techniques. Ladies dress tip 1: one point a little dark to bright and dark