Generally speaking, top color is heavy, bottom outfit color is shallow weak is undesirable, this can give a person the feeling of tiptoe light. If the top is plaid or Because it will give a feeling of top-heavy, you can wear more light color clothes, such as: light green, pink department. If you grow tall fat again, that should want to wear vertical bar more, what pants As Lingerie cannot wear is too tight, wear shui hong, coffee, reach brunet dress more, euramerican of big shop sign fan takes the v-shaped T-shirt with simple spring outfit to have Okay problem. Summer can also wear cool clothes, short sleeves or sleeveless vest, depending on your height and weight, if very thin can wear light color, more loose T-shirt, light green is very beautiful! Be careful, summer needs bright colors, don't be too stuffy. Better have bigger chromatic aberration. Only in this way can the layers of clothes and scarves be highlighted. For example, if a light-colored scarf is paired with a dark sweater, a light-colored sweater should be paired with a dark scarf to make it look more attractive. This kind of depth collocation way can highlight window, it is the most classical collocation way, need not expend idea more, the tonal concern that considers coat and scarf only is ok. With foil facial the spindle that chooses color, quality of a material is thin thick appropriate is consistent. For a thin suit, don't wear a thick wool scarf with a flowing silk or cotton scarf. For a thick coat or coat, pair it with a thick wool or wool scarf