loosely lady clothes of two kinds of color, bright is bright color, such as white if it is design and color is very prominent, color is very bright high waist pants, can according to his be fond of tie-in and different kinds of T. Why? Because the high-waisted trousers that have design and color when bottom outfit is very bright originally, tie-in again the jacket that has complex design and color can appear very trival, give a person feeling not quite agile. A high-waisted dress decorated with white star sequins. White bottom outfit is originally strong color to cooperate: point to two apart more distant color match, if: yellow and purple, red and cyan green, this kind of match color is stronger. In daily life, we often see is black, white, grey and other colors how to match the party dress, don't have to wear very formal, if with their loved ones, will dress up well, but you'd better don't jump too, this will let people feel kind of say a feeling if it is a primary school classmate party, wear the clothes at ordinary times, a little bit neatly, students also know that you are doing well, so you also because of their own.